10 Best Electric Pressure Washers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you sick of dealing with those indignant stains and messes all by yourself? Well, then it might be time to invest in a cleaning buddy such as an electric pressure washer. It will make your job so much easier; you’ll wonder why you didn’t get this in the first place.

So, where should you start looking? Well, we have just the list of collections of electric pressure washer reviews for you! Here are some of the best electric pressure washers that you can browse through, and hopefully end up with just the right one!

Our Best Pressure Washer 2021 is the Sun Joe Pressure Washer because it has all the fixings that make it a reliable product for any household. Coupled with a strong and powerful motor, it has a high-pressure rating and generous flow rate that gets rid of dirt and grime in no time. 

With a wide variety of quick-connect nozzles, it is very well-suited to various tasks that include light, medium, and heavy-duty work so you can use it for pretty much any job. It’s like having a cleaning service available at your place at all times! 

The budget pick for this list has to go to the Greenworks Pressure Washer which is not only versatile and durable as a unit but also a crowd favorite as well as a best seller owing to the price point making it one of the most powerful electric pressure washers on our list. 

You get a very good deal with numerous features and ease of use. Trust, this pressure washer isn’t going anywhere any time soon so you can definitely rely on this to stick with you for the long haul!  

Best Electric pressure washers 2021

1. Greenworks GPW2005 Pressure Washer

 Greenworks GPW2005 Pressure Washer

Kicking off our list with a bang, we have the Greenworks pressure washer which generates up to 2000 psi worth of water pressure, with a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. It does seem pretty impressive right off the bat, but there’s a lot more to it, so let’s get into it.

It has a high-pressure hose reel for the sake of functionality, and a 35-inch power cord so you can move it around a fair amount while you are working. Speaking of maneuverability, you can also count on the telescoping and the wheels to give you more of that.

It is quite versatile in terms of usage, especially for light to medium-duty cleaning jobs such as cleaning different areas of your house, including windows, decks, as well as for cleaning your car.


  • Good flow rate and high-water pressure
  • High-pressure hose reel
  • Extended power cord to help with maneuverability
  • Spinner wheels and the telescoping handle make it easier to move around
  • Perfect for medium-duty chores around the house


  • Attachments for sidewalks and patios are sold separately
  • Hose wrapping area may not be large enough  

2. Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

 Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

With a very close second, we have the Greenworks Pressure Washer, which brings with it all the convenience and functionality that you would expect from a pressure washer of this caliber. Intrigued? We sure are, so let’s get right into it! 

It has a one-push button that you press to start up the washer. You will find it is quite easy to get up and running, without any hassle whatsoever. Along with that, there is a 35-foot power cord which makes it convenient for outdoor use. 

The spray gun has four different settings that you can change using the power dial to vary the water pressure for various purposes or for different surfaces such as wood, concrete, or your car, etc.

Besides that, the Greenworks pressure washer also includes two different nozzles namely 25-degree and 40-degree, and a whole separate one for dispensing soap.   


  • 20-foot high-pressure hose for increased access to external areas 
  • Multiple nozzles for ease of dispensing water and soap 
  • Water pressure can be varied using power dial 
  • Extended power cord for ease of maneuverability 


  • The hose may be hard to loop around 
  • Getting the hang of the nozzles may be tricky

3. Powerhouse International Electric High Power Washer

Powerhouse International Electric High Power Pressure Washer

Next up, we have the Powerhouse International Pressure Washer. Another household name in the arena of electric pressure washers. With a whopping 3,100 psi worth of pressure and a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, this is truly a Powerhouse on its own.  

It is equipped with a sturdy and durable engine along with a powder-coated frame which makes it quite heavy-duty. There is a soap tank/dispenser on board where you can use your soap or detergent of choice to tackle problem areas. 

The spray gun has an ergonomic design and comes equipped with five different nozzles includes a Turbo nozzle and a soap nozzle that gets the job done in no time! Last but not least, let’s not forget about the high-pressure power hose and large wheels that make the whole thing a breeze to maneuver. 


  • Large cushion-grip handle for ease of handling 
  • Several different nozzles for increased versatility 
  • Adjustable soap tank and ergonomic spray gun 
  • Powder-coated frame for long-lasting durability 
  • Generous flow rate and high-pressure performance 


  • Cannot be used with third-party hose connections 
  • The hose might be slightly tight for the valve connection 

4. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe is arguably one of the crowd favorites and for a good reason. First of all, it sounds like your friendly neighborhood buddy, always ready to have your back if you’re stuck somewhere, and cleaning up messes falls right under its umbrella!

The Sun Joe pressure washer is particularly popular because it is quite versatile in terms of the chores that it can help you with. These include washing your car, the inside and outside of your home, decks, driveways, and even boats, and trucks, etc.

Now get this, there are two different detergent tanks on board that are fully equipped to hold different cleaning solutions so if you feel like multitasking and working on multiple surfaces in the same go, you can do that without having to switch the soap each time. For instance, it is the ideal electric pressure washer for tiles.

It has an ergonomic design and will save a ton of energy by shutting off the pump by itself when the trigger isn’t engaged so there’s absolutely no wastage here either.


  • Powerful motor generates high pressure for better performance
  • Quite versatile in terms of tasks and usage
  • Multiple soap dispensers for multitasking
  • Integration Total Stop System to save energy and prevent wastage


  • Nozzles are at risk of rusting if left wet
  • Motor might turn off if the hose is pressurized

5. WHOLESUN Pressure Washer

WHOLESUN Electric Pressure Washer

The WholeSun Electric Pressure Washer has a very smart and compact design and right off the top of our heads, we can also say that it is a no-nonsense unit that gets the job done. We think you’ll find it quite ‘WholeSome’ as well, excuse the pun, we just couldn’t resist.

So, why are we hyping this one so much? Well, here it is. With a max pressure rating of a whopping 3000 psi, it packs quite a punch and with a strong motor at the helm, you will find no complaints with the overall performance and durability. The pressure is more than enough to get through those pesky stains and layers upon layers of grime to leave the surface squeaky clean.

This 3000-psi pressure washer is armed with five different nozzles with quick connect technology which are designed to cater to all sorts of tasks. These make it so the washer can be used with pretty much anything making it a one-stop solution for your cleaning chores.

The trolley wheels make it easy to store and move around while the TSS system does a great job of saving energy. The cherry on top is that it is quite a breeze to put together and work with, so even the laziest of us will enjoy working with the WholeSun pressure washer.


  • Powerful motor and high max pressure rating
  • Good for dealing with harder stains
  • Suited to various purposes owing to multiple quite connect nozzles
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easily portable and makes for compact storage


  • Some complaints of the unit being too small
  • Attaching the spray gun to the hose may be tricky

6. BRIZER X100 Compact

BRIZER X100 Compact Electric Pressure Washer

If you think you’ve seen it all, just wait till we introduce you to one of our absolute favorites, the BRIZER X100, the design, and the working mechanism is nothing like anything you’ve seen before, and we mean that in the best way possible!

If you are looking to amp up your cleaning game, BRIZER is your golden ticket! It is quite compact in terms of design and size but don’t be fooled because it can still generate about 1600 psi in terms of water pressure.

It is ideal for cleaning your car, your deck and/or driveway, windows, and even furniture so it is quite a home bird, so to speak. The nozzle is adjustable which gives you a lot more control over how much water you use as well as the pressure.

Besides, it has a soap cannon that takes care of all your soap dispensing needs and follows it up with a good wash to leave the place looking good as new.


  • Very long hose and power cord for ease of portability
  • Compact in size – can fit anywhere for easy storage
  • Pressure wand and soap dispenser to help with dispensing detergent
  • Good pressure rating and easy to use
  • Ideal for home use


  • Instruction manual may not be too clear
  • Pressure rating not as high as other units

7. Mrliance Pressure Washer

Mrliance Electric Pressure Washer

Mrliance or Mr. Reliance as we like to call it, stands at a max pressure rating of 3500 psi, with an 1800 Watt motor backing it up, we can safely say that the numbers are speaking for themselves with this one.

However, there is more to it than just stats and you’ll see why in just a second. It comes equipped with a pressure nozzle, adjustable of course, and a removable soap tank that you can fill up with your detergent of choice and get cleaning!

And that’s not all, there are actually four different quick connect nozzles available for you to choose that suits your tasks the best. Besides, the high-pressure water hose reel ensures that the water goes through smoothly while you are working, and is extra-long so you can move it around with ease.


  • Total Stop System in place to save energy
  • Multiple quick connect nozzles and high pressure
  • Long hose reel for ease of portability
  • Long power cord; ideal for working outdoors


  • Instruction manual may not be very clear
  • May require a nozzle holder

8. Homdox Washer

Homdox Electric Pressure Washer

Yet another major player in the electric pressure washer game, we have for you the Homdox. It operates on a very powerful motor, which is precisely why it can generate water pressure up to 3000 psi for high pressure washing.

It has five quick-connect nozzles, four for water and one for soap dispensing. These features make Homdox one of the most versatile and durable pressure washers on our list. For the utmost system, there is a total stop system in place which automatically turns off the motor when the trigger is not engaged.

Besides that, it has a high-pressure hose reel which is quite long so you don’t have to worry about extension cords as it can reach any area of your house with ease. Also, it is easy to assemble and even easier to work with so even newbies will find the experience quite enjoyable!


  • Long and high-pressure hose reel for easy maneuverability
  • Easy to put together
  • Saves a ton of energy and is completely safe owing to TSS system
  • Versatile – ideal for light to heavy-duty tasks


  • Instruction manual may not be of much help
  • May be hard to travel with owing to the size

9. RYOBI 1,800 PSI 1.2 GPM

Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer

The Ryobi electric pressure washer is the epitome of simplicity at its finest. If you are looking for something you can use right out of the box, then we would definitely recommend this for you.

The design is quite simplified and compact which makes for easy storage. It is perfect for light to medium tasks like washing your car or your driveway. With a pressure rating at 1600 psi, it is easy to see why it is so well suited to these everyday tasks.


  • Good pressure rating and strong motor
  • Compact size – easy to put away
  • Operates smoothly and quietly 
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for light to medium duty chores


  • Not for heavy-duty usage
  • Not that versatile

10. Karcher K2 Plus Washer

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer

Last but not least, we have a household favorite among us, and that is the Karcher power washer. A lot of people claim to have Karcher washers that are as old as twenty years and still golden!

It is clear that it is a crowd favorite, and for good reason! With a pressure rating of 1600 psi at max, it is quite ideal for light and medium-duty work such as chores around the house. Owing to the strong motor, it is also quite durable and performs well in the long haul.

It has a 20-foot pressure hose reel which is good for moving it around. That coupled with some very powerful spray wands, those dirty surfaces don’t stand a chance!


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from non-corrosive material
  • Powerful spray wands get rid of dirt in no time
  • Good pressure rating and powerful long-lasting motor


  • Some complaints about the pump being a bit flimsy
  • Not suited for more heavy-duty stains such as mold, etc.

Having such a wide range of choices at your helm can make shopping for a new product much easier, and you might even find yourself enjoying the experience a lot more because you know what you want and what you are getting out of each product.

5 Things to consider before buying an Electric Pressure Washer

We’re guessing that you have decided to buy an electric pressure washer. Well, as good as we are at stating the obvious, there’s also something else we’d like to say. Like any smart buyer, you too have decided to do some research before heading straight to the store, and we applaud that.

So, what exactly should you be looking for when in the market for a new pressure washer? Here are five things that you can start with to get a fair idea of what to expect and what to get!

Renting vs. Buying

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way first, should you rent a pressure washer unit or buy it. Well, the short answer is that buying always bodes well in the long run. It is convenient as you have it on hand at all times and you don’t have to deal with returning the rented unit once you are done.

Besides, it pretty much pays for itself in the long run and you are basically are just paying a one time fee to have access to the unit for an unlimited amount of time. So, there you have it, for occasional users as well, it is recommended that you own a unit.

Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washer

Now the age-old question of which is better – gas or electric pressure washers. Talking about some of the best pressure washers available in the market, we can safely say that there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to performance.

Gas pressure washers do average about 2800 psi in terms of pressure ratings and can even go up to 4000 psi for certain models. This is more than their electric counterparts but you can find some that lie in the same range. However, there is also the price point to think about, we’ll get to that later.  


If you are familiar with standard cleaning chores and mechanisms, you already know that different chores need to be tackled in a different manner. Meaning that you cannot apply the same pressure to every kind of surface because it can prove harmful for that surface.

Additionally, it does not bode well for the life span of your washer either if you use all that pressure and exert the motor where it isn’t necessary. So, you should look for a unit that has multiple quick-connect nozzles that can be switched amongst themselves to open up more versatile avenues of usage. To find out more, you can always read up more on how pressure washers work.


By safety, we are referring to both your safety and the safety of your motor as well. For this purpose, you need a unit with a Total Stop System or TSS for short that automatically turns off the motor whilst it isn’t being used which is good for the washer and for the user.


Let’s face it, none of us wants to break the bank when out buying an electric pressure washer, and for good reason. So, whether you want a gas-powered unit or an electric one, keep in mind what your requirements are so you don’t go overboard or end up settling for less.

So, there you have it, there isn’t much to it but having this a little backing knowledge can make all the difference when it comes to investing in any kind of new product.

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric pressure washer operates on quite a high-pressure rating so common sense does dictate that it should not be left running for too long, or the motor would over-heat which does not bode well for any kind of machinery.

So, how long can you leave the washer running safely? Well if the trigger is off, you should not leave it running for more than three to five minutes in a stretch. This will protect the washer from damage and increase its life span in the long run.

Alternatively, you can have the water running while the trigger is marked ‘off’, you can change the spray settings along with the pressure. Or you can insert the nozzle tips in the spraying wand and you’ll be good to go!  

You can find more on this if you read up on how to use an electric pressure washer but for now, we can say that some of the best pressure washers lie in the range of 2500 psi to 3000 psi.

Gas pressure washers usually average around 2800 psi while electric pressure washers are rated about 1500-2000 psi. It can go higher of course, but it also depends on how often you will be using your washer and what kind of tasks you use it for.

For light to medium chores, you can also settle for some around 1400 psi to 1600 psi. So, it depends entirely on your preferences and needs.

Well, it is simple enough. If you must transport your pressure washer elsewhere you can simply load it in the trunk of your car or a truck if it is a bigger unit. Most pressure washers weigh around twenty pounds on average so the weight isn’t a problem.

Most units are quite compact in size so they are easily portable. It may be slightly for bigger units but if you have a truck, it will be easy enough. Just be sure to secure it in place so that it doesn’t keep flopping around because that can damage it.

Pressure washers are actually quite versatile nowadays and can clean your house pretty much inside out if you have the right nozzles etc. Ranging from washing your car, to the windows, deck, driveway, and even the furniture, it will leave everything between your living room and patio looking squeaky clean.

Since it caters to so many different tasks, a pressure washer is found to be quite useful in any household.

Yes, you can use an extension cord with an electric pressure washer but that need should not arise if you plan on taking the unit very far out from where it is plugged in. Typically the power cord and the hose reel are long enough that you don’t need an extension cord to go with it.

There are multiple crowd favorites and best sellers available for the taking. For home usage, in particular, some of the most popular names include Sun Joe, Whole Sun, Generac, and Karcher so that is a good place to start.

When it comes to comparing which pressure washer is better, it depends mainly on your personal preferences, your budget, and your exact requirements. Gas pressure washers usually have higher pressure ratings so they are better for more heavy-duty tasks while the electric ones are well suited to a wide range of tasks ranging from light to heavy-duty work.

Yes, since there is a motor that operates electric pressure washers so a little oil every so often is good for the motor pump to keep it running smoothly but this is needed quite rarely. It might have to be done more regularly with gas pressure washers.

When it comes to the upkeep of your pressure washer, the most important things to remember are the nozzles and the filter. Keep the nozzles clean at all times to prevent rusting, while the filter just needs to be cleared to keep the washer running efficiently.

Ideally, a pressure of 1900 psi is pretty ideal for washing cars. It does not damage the surface and coupled with a flow rate of anywhere between 1.4 and 1.6 gallons per minute, you should be good to go!

4 Types of Pressure Washers

We’re guessing you’re in the market for a new pressure washer and want to know which type of unit to go with it. Or maybe you just like to read about pressure washers. Hey, we’re not judging, the more the merrier!

So, let’s jump right in. There are four main types of pressure washers out there and some of the best pressure washers fall under these broad categories, and here they are!

Cold Water Pressure Washer

Out of all the types of pressure washers in the market, cold water pressure washers are arguably the most popular as these are the easiest to acquire and even easier to assemble. They are suited to a variety of different purposes much like their counterparts, but they are also more affordable which is definitely a plus.

You can get a lot of uses out of a cold-water pressure washer, especially at home. Needless, these are quite popular among homeowners in particular and for good reason.  

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Now we can all agree that hot water is great for taking out some of those harder stains and that is where hot water pressure washers come in. This way you can actually have some of your chores done in a shorter amount of time by using hot water. This is one edge that these have on their cold-water counterparts.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. So, you will have to be all the more careful while using this type of pressure washer.

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers – a common household item nowadays. These are used by everyday folks for doing chores around the chores that include cleaning the furniture, washing cars, cleaning the deck and the driveway, etc.

The great thing about electric pressure washers is that they come in many shapes and sizes so there is a lot of room to choose from whether you are looking for something light, medium, and/or heavy-duty.

Gas Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers are perhaps the most powerful out of all of these. With pressure ratings reaching up to 4000 psi, there is really no comparison here. However, these do require a bit more maintenance and upkeep which just comes with the territory so there’s no going around that.

It also restricts them a bit to more heavy-duty usage rather than at-home use. However, you never know, perhaps this unit might appeal to you. At any rate, they are definitely golden when it comes to commercial usage.

Right off the top of our heads, we can’t really say which is the best one out of all these because that is for you to decide according to your preferences. Let us know if you have any further queries about more of the same!

How to use Electric Pressure Washer

As it is true with any and all electronics, it is necessary that you understand how to use a product fully before actually getting into it. We don’t mean to scare you but there are risks involved with machinery such as this.

For instance, if you go in blind without knowing the right operating pressure or procedure, you may end up hurting yourself in the event of electric shocks or damaging the surfaces in some way or the other.

In any case, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so we have put together this beginner-friendly user manual of sorts so that you can use it to make the most of the best electric pressure washers out there!

Here’s what you need to know.

Always Read the Instruction Manual

This one may seem like a no-brainer but some people do tend to skip the manual and figure they’ll just make it up as they go along. However, since there are many uses of a pressure washer, the same settings may not apply to all of them.

Each unit is different so its important to understand the specifications of your particular model and how to manage the various parts and vary water pressure etc, along with any other precautions that the manufacturers might have mentioned.

Set the Zero Degree Nozzle

Any decent buyer’s guide will tell you to look for a washer with multiple nozzles to go along with it. However, you can probably do without the zero degrees one. It is the strongest one out of the standard nozzles that you get and dispensing a very thin high-pressure stream of water, which will not be of much use to you and can end up damaging surfaces.

Dress in Protective Gear

It is important to understand that this will not be your weekend washing-the-car outfit so shorts and open shoes such as slippers and flip flops are out of the question. We’d recommend full pants, gloves, and boots to avoid slipping and falling. 

Don’t Use with Ladders

Do not under any circumstances get up on a ladder with a high-pressure hose reel in hand because it can cause you to lose balance and fall down owing to the pressure of the water jets. Instead, look for alternate methods to do the same or just leave the roof drain for later.

Keep Yourself Out of the Way

Do not use the pressure washer if there are children around and do not let yourself or your hand get in the way of the water jet or anywhere near the motor to prevent electrocution or lacerations because of the high water pressure.

We would like to reiterate that this isn’t meant to scare anybody out of using a pressure washer but we want you to be safe and get the best use out of your unit, hence the instructions. So, keep these in mind, and make life easier for yourself by incorporating this little cleaning buddy with your cleaning chores!

How does an Electric Pressure Washer Work?

If you’re anything like us, you probably like to get in the depths of how stuff works. This is especially true for products that you use regularly at home. This way, if it ever runs into a problem, you will know what to do, or at the very least where to start looking for a solution.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and learn about the inner workings of some of the best electric pressure washers out there!

Working Mechanism

So, you can use water or soap, and even put the two together but it doesn’t work as it does with a pressure washer. Why is that? There’s definitely something there, otherwise, the uses of pressure washers wouldn’t be increasing day by day.

Basically, the secret lies in the high water pressure. The water hits the surface with such a force and a significant amount of kinetic energy that the jet effectively knocks the dirt and grime particles off of the surface.

And since its just water, and the pressure is pretty evenly distributed, it does not damage said surfaces either.

Components of Pressure Washers

The main components of an electric pressure washer include the following:

  • Electric Motor

The motor is the backbone of a pressure washer as it generates the power that is needed to build up the water pressure so that it is ready to go once the spray gun is activated or the trigger is on.

  • Water Inlet

This one is simple enough; it is a hose that connects the unit to the water supply. This is the channel through which water is fed into the washer and then later into the main hose reel.  

  • Hose

The hose is the part that you would use to dispense the water while you are cleaning. Simply point it in the direction needed and let it take care of the rest.

  • Nozzles

Some of the best pressure washers come with multiple quick-connect nozzles that are there to help you vary the pressure of water for various purposes. These also include a soap tank and dispenser for loading your detergent or soap of choice.

  • Water Pump

And last but not least, here’s the main event i.e. the water pump that is used to let the water out at a particular pressure and angle. The pump is backed by the motor and these two work together to give out that high-pressure jet of water when the trigger is pressed.

There you go, not that complicated at all, was it? If anything, we hope you will leave here feeling like you know your equipment a little better and we’ll consider that a job well done!

5 Great uses of Pressure Washers

Hey there! We’re assuming that you just got your hands on a new pressure washer and are excited to try it out! Welcome to the club, because we have just the list for you. Even if you are still thinking of buying one, let us convince you to take a plunge. Trust us, the best electric pressure washers out here are a dream come true for chore doers all around the world.

So, what exactly can you do with a pressure washer? Let’s find out!

Cleaning Patio Furniture

If you have patio furniture, you understand the hassle that comes with cleaning it. Since it is outside all the time, it pretty much gets the short end of the stick and has to deal with the rain and dirt particles in the air.

So, it gets messy pretty quickly but nothing that a quick spritz of pressure can’t fix. Get those faded patio chairs back to their original glory but giving them a quick rinse with some soap and water. 

Outdoor Gear and Machinery

If you have lawn mowers or similar gear out in the yard, they can be pretty grimy after a few uses and you can’t always get all the way in there to clean it yourself. For one, it is risky and you are still bound to miss quite a few spots.

Using a pressure washer makes the job a lot safer and gets rid of all that gunk all while keeping a safe distance. The same goes for boats and other such machines.

Washing Your Vehicles

Washing your car comes quite easy if you have a pressure washer. Just the right amount of pressure and some soap and your car will be looking good as new in no time. Forget hours of scrubbing away at your car to make it shine.

This is especially useful if you have a truck or an RV because those are harder to clean, for obvious reasons. The height alone is enough to frustrate you to no end. However, this little contraption will take all that pain away.

Making That Picket Fence Shine

If you have a fence around your house and you notice it looking worse for wear, it is probably time to give it a wash. However, you can really get in there and work on each individual bar yourself. Luckily, a pressure washer will make short work of the whole thing so you can rest easy.

Window Wonders

Windows and the outer part of your house i.e. the walls, garage doors, etc can also be cleaned by using a pressure washer. All you need to do is go easy on the pressure to prevent the surfaces from getting damaged and protect the paint job as well. Look up how pressure washers work for more information on working with the various settings available on a washer.


Hopefully, we’ve done a good job of convincing you why you’ve made the right call by getting a pressure washer. Make your chores a whole easier and your weekends much more fun by trying out your new washer and making your house look good as new!