10 Best Gas Pressure Washers 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Pressure washers have been popular with house owners for quite a while now. While the modern pressure washers are electric-powered, there is still a demand for gas-powered pressure washers in the market. This is why we have curated a list of the Best gas pressure washers 2021 for your domestic cleaning needs. 

If you do not want to read a long review and would rather get your information in a precise form, take a look at this table. It will show you the five best gas pressure washers of 2021 on this list.

Best Gas Pressure Washers 2021

1. Karcher G2700R Gas Pressure Washer

Karcher G2700R Gas Pressure Washer

Kracher is a popular name in the pressure washer business as its engine is quite robust and reliable. This pressure washer also has the same reliable engine from the company which is 196cc. It has an auto-choke and an iron piston that allows you to start the engine much easily. Moreover, there is an Axial Cam Pump which has an aluminum head. 

During cleaning, you often have to worry about where to put the detergent and other supplies. This is not a worry with this pressure washer as it has an accessory storage pocket for storing your detergent and hose. You will never have to experience a flat wheel as the wheels on this pressure washer are 12-inch extra-large. 


  • Has a storage pocket
  • Durable axial pump
  • Has a reliable engine 


  • Is an entry-level washer
  • Not the best finish in material 

2. Karcher G3100XH Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

Karcher G3100XH Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

The next product on our best gas pressure washers of 2021 list is also from Kracher as the company has different models of pressure washers. With 3100PSI and a gas pressure of 2.4GPM, this pressure washer is a hit among the users. The notable feature of this pressure washer is that it runs on a Honda GC190 engine. Furthermore, the manufacturers give a 2-year warranty on their product. 

Quite interestingly, the design of this pressure washer is such that it does not take up a lot of space in your garage. The handle can be folded. Also, there is a half-gallon tank for keeping the detergent. It is removable so you can take it off for cleaning it and then put it back again. You do not need any tools for setting it up for the first-time usage. Setting up takes approximately 5 minutes. 


  • Is easy to set up
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Has a strong Honda engine
  • Comes with a long warranty


  • Not for extensive cleaning 

3. Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Power with Honda Engine 

Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Power with Honda Engine

If you are looking for the best gas pressure washer of 2021, then you should also take a look at this one. It is from Simpson, another renowned company in the pressure washer industry. With 3200PSI and a gas pressure of 2.5 GPM, this pressure washer is aimed at cleaning larger surfaces such as yards and patios. It is powered by a Honda GC190 engine, which is a great engine for pressure washers. 

There are 5 different nozzles with degrees ranging from 0 to 40 while the fifth nozzle is for soap. Since they are Quick connected, you can easily change nozzles. Before the pressure washer is shipped to you, it has been tested in the factory by the company to ensure that there is no manufacturing defect. You can use this pressure washer for cleaning the house, your driveway, patio, furniture, walls for paint prep and for washing the car. The 10-inch pneumatic tires on this machine allow easy maneuverability and absorb shock. 


  • Has a reliable Honda engine
  • 5 Quick connect nozzles
  • Has 10-inch tires
  • Can be used for cleaning various surfaces


  • The handle might be lower for some users

4. All Power 2400 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

All Power 2400 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

If you wish to get the ideal performance from your best gas pressure washer of 2021, then this one will not disappoint. Coming from All Power, this gas pressure washer is powered by a 163cc 4 stroke engine. The 2400PSI couples with 2.5GPM allow easy cleaning. There are four quick-connect tips, 0, 25, 40 degrees and one for soap. 

The manufacturers say that you can use this pressure washer for washing anything in the house or outside it. It is especially helpful for those people who need a cleaning device for their patios and driveways. 


  • Has a durable engine
  • Comes with 4 connect tips
  • Separate tip for soap 


  • Poor customer support
  • Some customers reported leakage issues 

5. A-iPower APW2700C Gas Pressure Washer with 2 Year Warranty

A-iPower APW2700C Gas Pressure Washer with 2 Year Warranty

A-iPower also has a place on our list of best gas pressure washers 2021. This machine has a 2700PSI pressure range at 2.3 Gallons per minute. It runs on the 196cc engine which delivers impressive performance in terms of cleaning and noise-control. There are 3 quick-connect nozzles that you can change as you change the cleaning surface. To keep the engine protected from any kind of damage, the design is designed to shut down when the oil is low.

It has 9-inch never-flat wheels that will not give in to the sturdy surfaces or any kind of shock. There is one year warranty for the parts. Since the pressure hose is a screw-on type, setting up the pressure washer is very easy. You can also add extensions for the pressure hose. 


  • Is easy to work with
  • Has a strong engine
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Starts easily without much force required


  • None 

6. SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Pressure Washer Powered by Kohler

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Pressure Washer Powered by Kohler

Another one of the best gas pressure washers 2021 from Simpson on our list is this MegaShot one which is powered by Kohler RH265 engine. The axial camp pump makes your life much easier which the machine itself is abrasion-resistant so it will last for many years to come. The steel construction further ensures durability. The 12-inch never-flat tires will glide easily on all services and will suffer no damage even after years of use. 

You can use the gas pressure washer on different surfaces and change the nozzle accordingly. The 0 and 15-degree nozzles are for milder cleaning while the 25 and 40-degree nozzles are for extensive cleaning. The soap nozzles are for applying soap to the surface before cleaning. Every unit is tested in the factory before it sent to the customers. This is why you might see a residual of some oil in the machine when it arrives.


  • Has never-flat tires
  • Will last for many years
  • Has a strong engine
  • Comes with 5 quick connect nozzles


  • Engine a little hard to start 

7. Craftman CMXGWAS021021 MAX PSI 2.3 MAX GPM Pressure Washer

Craftman  CMXGWAS021021 MAX PSI 2.3 MAX GPM Pressure Washer

The manufacturers of this pressure washer take pride in the fact that it was made in the US but the parts were imported globally. This was done to make sure that the final product is nothing less than amazing. The engine is very easy to start. There is no choke or prime. Running on Briggs & Stratton, the engine in this pressure washer requires little maintenance.

Moreover, the pump is quite reliable as it is equipped with Easy Start technology. You need to put in the minimum effort to start the machine. On top of that, there are 4 quick connect nozzles with range; 0 degrees, 15 degrees and 40 degrees. The cleaning hose is 25 feet and is quite flexible so it is easy to work with, when cleaning surfaces higher-up. You can insert the soap into the soap system (capacity of 32 ounces) or add it directly to water in the siphon hose. The 10-inch never-flat tires allow you to use this pressure washer on different kinds of terrains.


  • Has strong wheels
  • Can be used in different terrains
  • Powered by a strong, low-maintenance engine 
  • Cleaning hose is quite flexible


  • Wand extension is not durable 

8. WEN PW28 Pressure Washer with CARB Compliance 

 WEN PW28 Pressure Washer with CARB Compliance

With 2800PSI at 2.3 gallons per minute, this is one of the best gas pressure washers in the market right now. It is powered by a strong 173cc OHV engine. You will be able to get ultimate performance, without much trouble. There are four quick-connect nozzles; 0 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and the soap nozzles for applying soap to the surface.

 The quick-change feature allows you to change the nozzle, without requiring much time or effort. Using the axial pump, you can get a consistent spray. Once you have bought this WEN pressure washer, you do not have to invest in another washer for many years.

The 12 inch wheels allow you to use the pressure washer on different surfaces without damaging the wheels or wearing them out. Also, there is a 25 foot hose for cleaning. The soap tank is present on the pressure washer so you can always have your detergent in place. If you want a stronger spray, you can connect the spray gun in the nozzle area. The company gives a 2-years warranty for their product. 


  • Has a spray gun
  • A strong and reliable engine
  • 2 years of warranty 
  • Four different quick connect nozzles
  • Comes with 12-inch durable wheels


  • Could have more nozzles for this price 

9. SIMPSON Cleaning Pressure Washer with 2400 PSI

SIMPSON Cleaning Pressure Washer with 2400 PSI

This Simpson pressure washer also made it to our list of the best gas pressure washers. Since it has a large recoil, this engine is very easy to start. Some customers reported that even the elderly were able to start the engine without any difficulty. The engine used in this machine is 149cc OHV. Furthermore, there is no extensive maintenance needed for this pressure washer.

It has a 25-foot cleaning hose which is kink-resistant and is quite flexible. Likewise, the spray gun is also made for easy controlling. It is quite comfortable to use and connects to the main machine with the Threaded M22 connection. There are three nozzles. O degrees, soap nozzles and 25 degrees nozzle. To make things easier for the users, manufacturers have installed an on-board detergent tank on this model. 

When you get the pressure washer, it will be fully assembled so there is no hassle. You can fold the top and store it easily in your garage, even in compact spaces. This is the best gas pressure washer under 400 that you will find in the market today.


  • Tested individually before the sale
  • Has a powerful engine
  • No hassle of assembly
  • Has a fold-down handle design for easy storage 


  • Water connections are not ergonomically placed

10. AUTLEAD 3200PSI Pressure Washer with CARB

AUTLEAD 3200PSI  Pressure Washer with CARB

The last machine on our best gas pressure washer list is this one from AUTLEAD. It has a world-class engine with 6.5 horsepower and 196cc which has been certified by the US regulations. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty so you can trust this machine easily. 

With its 3200PSI at 2.6 gallons per minute, you can get the best out of it for cleaning harder surfaces. This gas pressure washer could even be used professionally since it has a strong pressure and a smooth output which will make your job ten times easier. The oil change system is very easy so there is minimum maintenance requires. The manufacturers assure that this gas pressure washer has a long-lasting ability. You can use any one of the four quick connect nozzles i.e. 0 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and soap nozzle. 

A 3-liter detergent tank is attached to the pressure washer so you can fill it up for your cleaning needs. Being the best commercial pressure washer that is gas-based, this will surely not disappoint you. 


  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Can be used professionally
  • Has a strong spray 


  • Is on the pricier side

Buyer’s Guide – Best Gas Pressure Washers 2021

When you are going to buy a gas pressure washer for your home, you need to do your research right since you will be spending hundreds of dollars on it. Make sure that your choice is wise. For this, you should consider the following features of a gas pressure washer. 


When you look at different pressure washers, you will see that they have different PSI values. This is the measure of water pressure. The stronger the pressure, the easier it will be to break the chemical bond between the dirt particles and the surface. So, pressure washers with more PSI have a better ability to clean different surfaces. As a rule of thumb, follow these measures:

  • PSI ranging from 500-4000 is for domestic use. 
  • PSI ranging from 1000-4200 is for semi-pro use.
  • Lastly, 1000-7000 PSI is for professional use. 

Choose your pressure washer according to your needs and level of expertise. 


Another feature of pressure washers that you will see is GPM. This refers to the gallons of water coming out of the pressure washer per minute. The higher the GPM, the more the water content that is released from the pressure washer. So, it will be able to clean more surface area. 

  • Normally, 1 to 4 GPM is for domestic use.
  • A gas pressure washer with 1-6 is good for semi-pro use.
  • For professional use, GPM 1 to 10 is used. 

Additional Features

This is not something that everyone looks for but these features might affect the decision for some people. One of the most sought-out features in the pressure washer is a detergent tank. It is easier to store detergent in an in-build storage tank that carrying it around with you. 

Also, some people look for pressure hoses that they can add extensions too. If you have such needs, make sure that the pressure washer you choose has those features. The best gas pressure washer 2021 definitely has additional features that take its performance up a notch. 


The number of nozzles would determine how effectively you can clean a wide range of surfaces. If you only need to clean one or two things in the house, you can get a pressure washer with fewer nozzles. However, if you have to clean furniture, walls, patio and automobiles, then you should opt for a pressure washer that has at least 4 quick connect nozzles. This would give you liberty of usage on different surfaces. 

What Can You Clean with Pressure Washers

what can you clean with pressure washer

A lot of people own pressure washer and use it for multiple purposes. Most of the people use them for washing air conditioner filters, cleaning the seats of the cars, for cleaning the window blinds and different other things that can be found for daily usage in the house.

Still, a lot of people are curious about what are the most common uses of pressure washer and what can be cleaned with it. If you are also interested to know what are the most common applications of the pressure washer, then you are at the right place. The present discussion aims at discussing the most common uses of pressure washer and what can be cleaned with it.

Uses of Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is used to clean the following things including;

Trucks and Cars

Generally, we assume that we need a sponge or a brush to thoroughly clean the car, but the presence of a pressure washer has made the job convenient for a lot of people. You can easily clean the trucks and vehicles with the help of pressure washer, as it has a strong capability to remove the dirt out of cars and trucks.

If you know how to use the pressure washer for cleaning the cars and trucks, then it is not a challenging task for you to go for. Take a scrub brush with the pressure washer and clean the vehicles in no time. It will take almost 20 minutes to remove the dirt from the cars.


It is generally considered as unmentionable to clean the BBQ grill with the help of the pressure washer. But if you are using it finely, then there is no chance of getting it damaged or making the grilled food tastes like soap. All you need to do is to follow the complete instructions before you wash the grills.

Such instructions can be found easily on google, or you can get a better idea with the help of YouTube videos.  Once you have followed the instructions, then there is no chance of grill’s damages that can be caused by the pressure washer.

Different Gears including Mountain Bikes, Boats, Mowers and Trailers

Another exciting use of lawn mower is that it is ideally used to wash and clean the Mountain bikes, boats, trailers, and mowers. Moreover, you can remove the random things of your house, including birdbaths, your pet house, and go-kart.

You will be surprised to know that a lot of people have mentioned that they prefer cleaning their power equipment, including chainsaws and tillers, with the help of the pressure washer. It means that the washer is a piece of smart equipment, and you can use it for different purposes without a second thought.

Outdoor Furniture

Another one of the most common and widespread uses of the pressure washer is that it is ideally used to clean the plastic, wood furniture, and Vinyl. Usually, people prefer cleaning the furniture once in a blue moon or most of the people habitually clean it every week. But if you use the pressure washer to clean the furniture, then we assure you it is super easy, quick, and convenient to go for this procedure.

So, if you haven’t cleaned your furniture yet or thinking of getting equipment for this process, then the selection of premium quality pressure washer is the best choice you won’t regret in the future.

Wood Deck

Another great advantage of the pressure washer is that you can wash the wood patio, also known as a wooden deck, with the help of it. If you have chosen the appropriate nozzle, then an electric or gas machine can be used for the washing purpose.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to hold the nozzle well with an accurate distance. It’s a protection improvement if you clean the wooden deck because it gets slippery and dirty due to heavy rain.


Since everyone has a fence usually outside the house, so the surface of the fence can be cleaned quickly with the help of the pressure washer. It’s a popular choice among people as it takes less time and gives better results because cleaning a fence is not the most straightforward job to go for.

The best of this fantastic equipment is that the wooden fence also looks incredible with the help of the pressure washer. You can get the desired look as the wooden fence looks new after being treated well with the washer.

Home exteriors including Bricks, window cleaning, and Vinyl

It always gives immense pleasure to see your house clean all the time. We recommend you to use the pressure washer if you want to provide a bright and better look to your living place.

Brick houses and house siding are the best and can be cleaned effortlessly with the help of the pressure washer. Different other types of house cleaning like Vinyl and windows can also be eviscerated with this fantastic equipment.

Driveways and Garage floor

Almost every other person has mentioned that the best choice to clean the garage floor and driveways is pressure washer, and they purchase the washer for this reason without any second thought. It is quite understandable because the garage and driveways are at the front of the home, and they need to be well-polished and cleaned at any cost.

Moreover, it’s fun to clean the floor without spending much energy.

The core purpose of this article was to highlight some of the significant pressure uses washer i.e., what type of things can be cleaned with the help of pressure washers.

Nevertheless, there is no denial in the acceptance of the fact that you need to follow the instructions if you intend to use the pressure washer superbly. Otherwise, using the equipment will not only waste your time but the energy as well.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this guide would help you find the best gas pressure washer for your domestic needs. Make sure that the pressure washer checkmarks all the points before you pay for it. If you need the best gas pressure washer under 300, you can get a second-hand washer. For more helpful reviews like this, you can visit our website. 

We are hopeful that you have got a bright idea that this high equipment can not be used for one purpose; instead, it can be served multi-purposed.